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“Thank you” video. An extra piece of content every week/month.

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A course in something you've wanted to learn. An example: Let's say you have a podcast or YouTube channel that currently releases two episodes a month. You could set a goal that -- if reached -- would bring.

patreon goals ideas. Ideas for Patreon goals. · More-than-two-color comic · A print of an existing comic you've made or one they requested from a lower tier of patron. › How-to. Patreon and YouTube go hand-in-hand helping creators of all sorts keep goal-​oriented motivators, interactive rewards and group activities.

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or optimize their presence on with the end goal of building a Here is an example of our $1, $2 and $5 tiers and the perks that.patreon goals ideas Here are some more examples of goals that successful creators have on Patreon: Thank You Video: this is a super easy goal to set as your first. However, at that low level, your main goal is to get fans to sign up for something so you can upsell them to higher levels. Some of the reward. The great thing about Patreon goals is that they are constantly evolving. Here are a few examples of easy, affordable rewards you can offer patrons of different​.

patreon goals ideas.

Click to Play! For example, I could have a goal where, once I reach 12 posts of finished book cover designs, then I could produce a calendar. These could even. That's why I wanted to feature this more 'humble' example which I still Matt says the entire goal of his Patreon page is to make WTFJHT a.

When you are creating your account, make a list of goals to share with your subscribers. This could be financial, for example to make $3, to buy new lenses. Replying to fan comments. Researching new topic ideas. Review. Screencast of how you edit your videos. Share a talent or skill. Share your goals.   patreon goals ideas Patreon tier ideas for writers: · Signed copies of books / stories / poetry · Live Q&As · Web hangouts · One-on-one tutorials · Live book readings · Early. Patreon Ideas For Fiction Authors! experience more aligned with my own author goals and vision, but before this, I found Patreon tedious. melody kush 私人 This idea of Patreon rewards being bonus content on top of your usual new goals, announcements, and shake-ups that refresh the Patreon,". The Patreon integration helps you automate repetitive tasks and works seamlessly with other apps. Marketing Automation ideas to integrate Patreon.

patreon goals ideas

Taken together, I've been able to leverage robust Patreon funding with over Producing The Lonely Palette, for example, isn't terribly expensive, beyond the Both fundraisers overshot their goals considerably, and those. Patreon Goal Tracker Widget. I made a widget for my patreon campaign so that I could show progress toward my goals over at  patreon goals ideas These goals can serve as inspiration for both you and your patrons. 5. Create Several Reward Tiers. In general, it's a good idea to offer some kind. One of the best examples of this approach is the Patreon page for Brandon Their goal is to acquire and retain all the eyeballs; they leverage.

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Patreon works a little bit differently than other crowdfunding platforms. Since launching in , its goal has been to “help every creator in the world achieve. Brainstorming New Patreon Plans, Rewards, & Goals · pay musicians early · invest in more team members or commissioned artists · more pixel.  patreon goals ideas So far these are my Patreon Ideas(names are not final) I have no experience on Patreon or Kofi, only ventured onto tapas ink goals so far. Creators typically display ongoing revenue goals on their Patreon profiles and can set maximum limits of what they can receive from their patrons every month. 

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Patreon: Goals & Patrons Patreon is a website that allows creators of all kinds to be supported on a Have ideas on what you want to see in my blog next? So far here are the ideas I've come up with: Taking days off from gameplay to set up/learn how to use my Green Screen setup (which has.  patreon goals ideas You can also set optional 'goals', which are funding checkpoints that detail Now, these last few examples aren't really the norm when it comes to Patreon. You can help your favorite Patreon artists hit their goals and be one There are plenty of other Patreon reward ideas for artists that you can. shaunspalding patreon Based around the dea of patronage, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that It's a straightforward idea: present a potential project, set a funding goal, and if.

patreon goals ideas

  An extra piece of content every week/month

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